How to Tell A Good Story

Spellbound your consumers with a good story.

The key to telling a good story is what the audience does after hearing it.  The audience hears your story, and they can choose to adopt it, or discard it.  When they adopt your story, they have become your advocates.

Every product or service that you market need to come with a great story.  That makes marketers story tellers.  We tell stories to certain kinds of audience that will bother to adopt our stories as their own.  These are the consumers that we can win with.

Frame your story according to how your target audience views the world.  Don’t change their world views, but rather build your story according to their world views.  If they think that mousetraps are better than rat poison, then design a better mousetrap.  Nobody wants to expend the energy to change their mind or worldviews.

If your competitors are already telling a good story, tell a different story.  Don’t tell consumers that the current story is wrong.  Remember consumers don’t like to be told that they are wrong.  Tell them a different story, and how it is more important than the current story.  Make the story stand out and unique.

Make it easy to spread to their friends and families.  The internet is a cost effective way today to spread your message quickly and effectively.

With growing affluence, most of today’s consumers have wants, not really needs.  They buy things that make them feel good.  Tell them how they can ease their lives with your products.  Or how your products can make them money, earn them status, and give them fun, miracles, safety, fun, pleasure or a sense of belonging to a group.

Consumers need more convincing if you have achieved awareness for your products already.  Give them testimonials and reviews, and let them convince themselves about your products’ efficacy.  They will then try it.  With a proven product, and an interesting story that can be spread easily, you will generate lots of word of mouth marketing for your products.  Success is then on its way to you.