Retail Store Design

The first thing to take note of is the entrance.  The entrance is like the runway, where consumers will need to transit between the outside of the store, to the internal portion of the store.  Things placed at the entrance like signs and baskets are often missed as consumers will be too distracted in the transit zone to take notice.

The improvement is to shorten the transit zone by slowing them down at the entrance, so that they get more time to accustom themselves to the inside of the store at the entrance.  Also, do not put anything of importance like signs and baskets at the entrance.  Give them a minute to get comfortable with the inside of the store before letting your sales girl greet or talk to them.

Ensure that you have proper signs and directions to the products or services that consumers are looking for, else frustration will set in.  If not, consumers will hold up in store staffs for directions.

For signages, put signs with short punchy messages at the shelves, as consumers are busy looking for the right products to buy.  For waiting areas like the check out counter, you can put longer messages for them to read.  A short message at the exit pathway will leave them something to think about as they walk to the car park.  Other overlooked good places for signs are the inside part of bathroom doors, and escalators.  Place signs at eye levels, not higher, nor below knee level.