7 Tips to Increase Brand Recall

Every marketer wants a piece of a consumer’s brain.

How do you increase brand recall in today’s era of hypercompetition?  If you are the leading brand, how do you maintain your sales lead with perpetual launches by new competitors?  How do you increase not just share of voice, but share of mind?

Here are on 7 tips on how to increase brand recall:

1) Start consumers on your products as early as possible.  Car manufacturers are seeding teenagers with car branding when they are still in high school.  There are toys branded with real life car brand names, and guess who do they reach?  The junior school kids!

2) Link your product attributes with something relevant.  If you are promoting fast cars, show striking visuals of rockets or cheetahs running next to your products.  If you want to link with ‘freshness’, show colourful pictures of fruits along with your products.

3) Make using your products a daily habit.  If you sell lip balms, educate your consumers to put on lip balm after they have applied their daily moisturizers.

4) If you suffer from a large portfolio of line extensions and products, highlight your bestsellers.  Tell your consumers the 2-3 items that are the most popular to make buying decisions faster, and your key products easier to remember.

5) Use nostalgic visual icons or ads to bring back old memories.  Old memories are just that, they don’t fade with time.  Bring back the childhood ads that your consumers have seen.  It will generate warm feelings and buzz, and that’s good for recall.

6) Celebrities may sometimes distract consumers from your products, but they generate heck of a lot of recall.  It makes your products more familiar to consumers.

7) Use word of mouth marketing.  WOM marketing apparently is able to generate more positive emotions in customers compared to normal, traditional ads.  This increases brand recall.

Increasing Brand Recall

If you want more people to remember your advertisement or brand, you need to work harder.  No point producing typical auto ads with shimmering body parts and dusts of clouds as your car zooms past.  It’s been done to death.  You need something that you can link to.  A memorable device.  Like the bunny for Energizer.  Or a color theme that differentiates you from your competitors.  A pink color hair salon from walls to uniforms?  A great linkage was born when Gajol lozenges brand published an article on how Pavarotti could have used it to salvage his cancelled concerts.  Free endorsement that worked extremely well for Gajol.

Try giving a typical sound to your product, like the popping sound of Pringles can.  How about the Intel tune in its advertisements?  Or Nokia’s tune when you start up your Nokia handphone?  The iconic iPod turning wheel that is recognizable world wide?

Jingles are also powerful.  There’s a brand of chocolate roll called ‘London Choco Roll’ in Asia that advertises frequently in Asia, so frequent that kids are singing the jingles everywhere.

How about sex?  The truth is, love sells better than sex.  Wholesome and more natural models in ads apparently sold more merchandise than ads with sexy and provocative women, but about two times more.  Why is that so?  The wholesome and more natural models are closer and more relevant to the woman on the street.

Testimonies and home videos made by real people often increase the authenticity of ads, which sell products better.  Ordinary people with stories to tell can move products faster than fabricated sexy models that are paid huge amounts to endorse products.