Interesting Quotes related to Branding

There are quotes from all arenas of disciplines that are applicable to branding.  Branding deals with the disciplines of economics, psychology, business, accounting, warfare, intelligence, culture, journalism, sociology and many others.  That’s why I like branding, it’s never boring.

Here are some quotes that I personally like:

1) The best and fastest way to learn a sport is to watch and imitate a champion – Jean Claude Killy, skier

There is nothing shameful about copying a good competitor.  If it works, why not copy it?  The banking industry is the most notorious in this area, where competitors will copy a good marketing or new products/services offerings with lightning speed.

2) Marketing should focus on market creation, not market sharing – Regis McKenna

I am tired sometimes of trying to clobber a competitor, who may be a previous employer, or who may be employing my friends as employees.  It can be a zero sum game, where brand teams get fired because another company’s brand team increased market shares at competitors’ expense.  Can’t we all create new markets and live in peace?  I wished for world peace this year.

3) Results are gained by exploiting opportunities, not by solving problems – Peter Drucker

This quote is rather controversial.  Didn’t huge companies like P&G get big by solving problems neglected by competitors?  I think what Peter Drucker meant was to think big.  He was asking us to have the mindset of exploiting huge opportunities for business, rather than just be contented with solving problems for consumers.  Even with problems identified, a company can exploit it with a big idea by seeing it as an opportunity.