Facebook Marketing Optimization

Facebook was created for friends initially. Let your brand be a friend on facebook.

When I first started a facebook fan page for one of my brands, I had good initial success.  Then things start to stagnate.  The rate of fan increase start to slow down, and unsubscribed fans seem to increase.  I needed to do something fast to stem the loss in number of fans.  What was I doing wrong?

I realized I was doing too many posting about my products.  Imagine hearing sales pitches about your products every day!  That must have drove the fans crazy!  We need to be thoughtful and informative, not annoying to fans.  Imagine one of your facebook fans talking incessantly about himself all the time – that will drive you crazy too!  Talk to them like a normal friend will do.

Include useful information such as how to use your products or services will be more educational to your fans.

In the old days of email marketing, you may have collected a list of emails that you can use to do fan invites.  Send them an email and ask them if they are already a fan of your brand fan page.  Incentivize them if necessary.

Facebook ads can be optimized.  Do splits to see which geography, message or visual will give you better click through rates.  Test between buying for clicks vs. impressions, and see which gives you greater value for the investment put in.  You can also test between different landing pages when your facebook ad is clicked on.

In general, have a strong call for action in your ads, be specific about what your products can do, and use friendly, informal language to break the barrier.

You may use coupons, discounts and promotions to get more fans, but don’t do it too often.  It may damage the prestige of the brand.