Modelling after Good Managers

In sports we learn from the best.  Do the same in your company.
In sports we learn from the best. Do the same in your company.

You may work for a big company with hundreds of thousands of employees, or you may work for a smaller company with perhaps just 30 employees.  Regardless, working in companies nowadays require not just the right technical competencies like marketing or sales, you need to navigate through much bureaucracy and build many quality relationships in order to do a good job.  In bigger companies, this is even more true, as you will spend even more time on building relationships.

I have found that the best way is to interview and find out how the better managers do it.  Every company is different, and it often takes different approaches or strategies to win internally in each of these companies.  You can read books for some macro generic guide, but it often takes real experiences in the real world to understand what it takes to succeed in each different environment.

Modelling after above-average managers is the best way to learn how best to thrive and succeed in your company.  Here is how you do it.  Observe how these managers act in different situations, and how they solve problems differently from the weaker managers.  Treat them to lunches, and make friends with them.  Interview them and find out their thought process, and understand the strengths that may not be apparent from mere observations alone.