7 Great Online Marketing Ideas

Online Marketing: Reach your Target Consumers with More Efficiency, Less Cost
Online Marketing: Reach your Target Consumers with More Efficiency, Less Cost

Without further ado, here’re the 7 great online marketing ideas:

1) Use Google Alert to check out your own business’s online reputation, and what competitors are doing.  You can also find out what businesses that target your consumer demographics are doing.  This provides fantastic marketing ideas that you can model after.

2) Email marketing is not dead.  With Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn hogging the limelights lately, you would have thought that email marketing is dead.  Nope, it is not.  Email is like direct mail, only far cheaper.  Everybody likes to receive personalized emails, so it is still a profitable marketing tool.

3) Post videos about your niche.  If you are selling swimming pool cleaning products, create videos relevant to this topic.  Find out what your customers’ questions are, and answer them with videos that you upload to Youtube or Vimeo.  You can also have video teasers.  Upload a couple of videos, and then direct the viewers to your website for more educational videos.  And on your landing page, put a compelling sales letter to sell your products, or get leads (contacts) from the readers.

4) Get your partners, suppliers and customers to spread your name.  Offer to give them the same exposure in return.  Or promise them a gift.  They are your best salesmen!

5) Do not overlook mobile phone marketing.  Now with better technology, cell phones can access the web readily, and view pictures easily.  One caution though.  Do not buy random lists and spam those in the list.  Only do ‘opt-ins’ before you blast marketing messages to them.  People are less tolerant of short messaging spam compared to email spam.

6) Re-examine your web url names.  If you have hard to remember or hard to spell names, strongly consider changing the name to something memorable and shorter.  If you can’t change your company name, you can still use a name that reflects your niche, such as ‘bestspeaker.com’, or ‘tastiestcakes.com’.

7) Use Twitter for regular connections with your customers.  Offer to retweet often.  By using klout.com, you can find out who are the high influencers among your followers, and offer them business opportunities to tweet on your behalf.

6 Ideas to Squeeze More Out of Social Media

Toothpastes are not the only thing you can squeeze dry of.

Yes, everybody’s talking about Facebook, Tweeter, Youtube, Linked-in and Flickr nowadays.  A lot of brands are using them to build relationships with clients, or form communities of their own.  How can we squeeze the max out of them today?  Here are some ideas.

1) Do you think Flickr is just for photography aficionados?  Yes they are, but with smartphones so prevalent nowadays, everybody’s a photographer of some sort.  Ask your fans to share photos on how they use your products, perhaps in creative ways.  Ask them to share their testimonies with other Flickr fans.

2) Research intensively on your brands, your consumers and your competitors.  Use brands.peoplebrowsr.com to find the hottest brands talked about currently.  Seek out discussions related not just to your brands, but to your category, related products and technologies.  This will help to widen your search and find interesting content.

3) Make your videos easily searchable on Youtube.  It’s just like Google.  You need to do optimization to be ranked higher in searches.  Spend more time on titling and tagging your videos, so your consumers can find them.

4) Use the right measurement.  We use to pay big bucks to agencies that measure consumers’ response to our TV ads.  On social media, its a lot more straight forward.  Check how many views you have for Flickr and Youtube.  Check the number of retweets on Twitter.  Check out your Facebook posts’ likes and comments.

5) Be present on the top social media sites.  Twitter, Facebooks, Google+, etc.  The more ways you can be contacted by your potential consumers, the more satisfaction they get from your brand.  Shows that you care and can listen.

6) For Twitter, instead of tweeting what you had for lunch, try promotions for a change.  Give an iPhone away for free if they retweet your tweets to all their friends.  Give discounts and free samples for your followers.  They like these kinds of stuffs.

Marketing & Promotion Ideas

People like their moments of fame and glory in this world. You can choose to honor someone publicly for their work, or you can shoot a TV commercial using people who have won a certain talent contest. He or she will be eligible to join the contest only if your products are bought, perhaps in a certain minimum quantity.

Help your key customers. If you want them to buy extra loads of your goods, then help them to run a coupon deal or promotion to sell off those stocks fast. Make it exclusive to them.

Be sincere in your CRM efforts. Don’t just sponsor a small concert. Go the extra mile, such as giving larger aids to society or education. Or be concerned for the environment, with 100% of your products using recyclable materials.

We have too many cards today, and too little benefits on them, such as discounts only on your merchandise. Partner with other organizations for more rewards to your card holders, such as resorts, airlines, theaters, sports equipment and so on.

If you run a contest, involve non contestants to increase your reach impact. E.g. you can engage them by allowing them to vote for the contestants.

If your brand is strong, offer your brand’s merchandise such as T-shirts, soft toys, bags, dolls and magazines. Your customers will help you advertise your brand when they sport your merchandise!

Don’t bore customers and retailers with run of the mill discounts, promotions and price offs. Do something sensational, such as breaking a world record. Have games and contests that go nationwide. The Subaru challenge in Asia is a good example. The contestant who can last the longest with his hand on the car wins a car, and this gets national radio and PR coverage yearly.

Tell, don’t sell. Advertise to get them curious and interested, then tell them about the wonders of your products, and how they are relevant to your customers.