3 Ways to Communicate and Market Effectively to the Brain

Here are 3 ways to communicate effectively to the brain:

1) You want the brain to remember your marketing message for as long as possible: in the short run, and the long term. You need to repeat your messages often for that to happen. Also, activate emotions and provoke the senses in the reader’s or viewer’s brain, so that you can register the message better.

2) Use pictures to back up your words.  Pictures speak a thousand words, remember? The brains remember things much better by pictures, and not through texts.

3) The brain can only focus effectively (I mean effectively, not half-heartedly) on one thing at a time. So focus your marketing message on just one key theme.  ONE theme.  ONE message.

Mind of the Consumer. Every marketer wants a piece.
Mind of the Consumer. Every marketer wants a piece of it.

Marketing to Women Effectively

Have good designs for your products. One good example is the method range of household products. They not only clean well, but also decorates the house.

Support a good cause, such as Innocent drinks in UK supporting the cause of giving clothings to the homeless.

Other marketing techniques that work with women: storytelling, testimonies, before and after comparisons, humour, milestone references such as anniversaries and birthdays, women as heroes and praise them as smart.

Let women share the word easily. Give them information that they can write about in their blogs or emails to their friends.