3 Ways to Communicate and Market Effectively to the Brain

Here are 3 ways to communicate effectively to the brain:

1) You want the brain to remember your marketing message for as long as possible: in the short run, and the long term. You need to repeat your messages often for that to happen. Also, activate emotions and provoke the senses in the reader’s or viewer’s brain, so that you can register the message better.

2) Use pictures to back up your words.  Pictures speak a thousand words, remember? The brains remember things much better by pictures, and not through texts.

3) The brain can only focus effectively (I mean effectively, not half-heartedly) on one thing at a time. So focus your marketing message on just one key theme.  ONE theme.  ONE message.

Mind of the Consumer. Every marketer wants a piece.
Mind of the Consumer. Every marketer wants a piece of it.

Explosive Communication and Publicity

To break through the clutter of advertisements, here are a few tips to get explosive communication effects.

Attack the competitors relentlessly.  Mao Zedong used to overwhelm his enemies by consistently irritating and tormenting them, without giving them a break.  Richard Branson picked the market leaders as his enemies and he relentlessly attack them for bullying the consumers for free publicity for his Virgin companies.  The key here is to get consumers to rally behind you, rather than getting competitors to hate you.

Exploit current affairs and news.  When Pavarotti had to cancel his concert due to a bad throat, an ingenious local lozenges brand published an advertorial on how they could have saved Pavarotti his concert if only he used the products the brand has.  Ingenious indeed.

Optimization of Channels

Channels of communications are the next most important discipline to master after the copy writing and creative portions.  This is where you spend the most money on, so it is important that you master channels of communications.

One common channel of communication is the newspaper.  Most people still read the newspaper daily, although more and more people are reading news on the internet instead.  If you want to advertise in newspapers, the biggest tip is to have frequency.  Do not just air the ad for one daily newspaper, but rather spread it out over at least 3 months.  You need multiple exposures of the ad to your consumers to convince them to buy your products.

When you invest in various channels of communication in advertising, ensure that you use them to support your online activities.  One of the easiest way is to publicize your website offline, or to hold a contest with attractive prizes to motivate people to visit your website.

Internet is one channel of communication that will get more important as time passes.  However, the dynamics of this channel are very different compared to traditional mediums such as TV, print or outdoor ads.  There are various new tools such as online gaming product placement, blogs, email, and search engine optimization.