Best Powerpoint Presentation Slide Design

Often, bare bone presentation using powerpoint cut through the clutter, as it is far simpler and easier to understand than the usual powerpoint slides you have seen before.

Have just 1 headline with one message for each slide. Or have only one visual that supports your key message in the slide.


Long Live Ad Campaigns

I seriously tried to resist all calls from team mates in my company to change the ad. “We have seen and aired this commercial too many times!” “We are bored of the same advertisement.” “We want a breath of freshness.”

When you hear statements like this, be very careful. Remain calm, not flustered. This is the time when being lazy as a marketer can be a good thing. However, this applies only when you have a working ad campaign, or even ads themselves, that worked well to bring in the dough. If you have such campaigns, sit tight in your seat, and do nothing. Continue running the ads. Some nasty people will call you ‘lazy’, *****, ‘uncreative’, ‘not dynamic’, etc. You know better than them.

Ad Campaigns should sell your products very well. Creativity is secondary. I am not against creative ads or non-creative ads (NOT boring ads), all I want are ads that sell. As long as they sell, does it really matter whether they are creative or not? For more traditional ads, see Ogilvy, for more ‘creative’ type ads, see Bernbach.