Do Things Differently to Stand Out from Your Competitors
Do Things Differently to Stand Out from Your Competitors

My friend had a child in a year where it’s highly auspicious to have kids.  So that means in that particular year, there will be far above average birth rates, and many babies.  Hospitals will be packed to the brim with delivering mothers, while nannies and child care centers will be clogged with above average registration rates. Yes, it may be highly auspicious to be born that year, but it also entails overloaded facilities and schools for the kid later on.  Classrooms will probably have a higher student to teacher ratio that year.

When I was doing Facebook and online marketing intensively for one of my brands, few other brands were that serious yet on social media.  They thought that it was a fad, and that it will pass with time.  I saw it differently, and decided to capitalize on the lack of serious competitors in the social media activity scene for the categories I were involved in.  Lo and behold, we became the clear leader in social media for the categories involved, and many are playing catching up now.

When recession strikes, do you cut your advertising drastically?  Guess what, so do your competitors. Most of them think alike. However, during a recession, when competitors are quiet, you should be there to dominate the share of voice.  Because most of your competitors are quiet, you can stand out without a hefty investment in advertising.  Just enough to be above them, and be the clear share of voice leader.  When the economy picks up, your brand will be way ahead of them in recall and purchase influence.


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