Make the best hotdog that you can for your consumers. You will be happy, your consumers will be happier too. In the long run, your business will outlast others.

Often times when we do business with our clients, we may be too focused on getting revenue and profits from them.  This in itself is not bad, but we need to remind ourselves regularly to take a balanced perspective.

We need to 1) be right with our own integrity, 2) think long term in terms of mutual interests, and 3) build relationships through win-win deals and not short change one another.

Why did Jeffrey Skilling of Enron did all that he do and landed himself with 24 years of jail term?  He rose quickly to the top in Enron, and rapid too was his descent to the bottom.  Neglecting his own integrity, he hurt himself for short term gains of heroism and money, and disappointed millions of clients, investors and employees as Enron folded.

Do we shortchange our clients in the name of protecting company’s interests and profits?  My dear friends, is it worth that short term gain to get that promotion or accolades from your company, while sacrificing your integrity?  The outside world may change, but maintain your principled center to live a fulfilling life of integrity.

From the business perspective, is it worth all that much to gain that short term spike in profits and revenue?  Some brand managers and even general managers get rotated every two years.  This happens in quite a lot of big, structured companies in the name of ‘broadening employees’ experiences’, and ‘prevent boredom’.  Good intentions, but be prepared for short term tactics to rake in the profits and sales from some of your brand managers.

Brand managers and marketing managers should take a long term perspective to build brands that can last, and form relationships with consumers that can endure for generations.  Always think long term in how both you and your clients can benefit the most from your dealings.  Go for win-win deals.  You may not see short term sales spikes.  What you will see is long term steady growth in sales, happy consumers, happy employees, and a much happier you.

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