Leverage those Twitter accounts with lots of friends!
Leverage those Twitter accounts with lots of friends!

Twitter has been debated back and forth among marketers as to its usefulness for marketing.  Twitter’s greatest limitation is its short character allowance, making it hard to make a proper marketing promise to readers.  Here’s how you can go against the grain by leveraging Twitter to your marketing efforts:

1) Tweet about your benefits.  No matter how much you want to tell your potential consumers, you can and should distill your message to a powerful, short tagline.  E.g. Fedex’s ‘Absolutely must be there overnight delivery’.

2) Check out Klout.com for influential Twitters to help promote your message.  Like blogs, the accounts with the biggest followers will give you a bigger reach for your readers.

3) When you tweet, include a hashtag, your twitter (or your brands’) name and a landing page url.  This gives credibility, easy understanding, and allows your readers to go to your landing page for more information.

4) From p0int 3, after you have included all these information, keep your message length less than 73 characters.  This makes it easy for others to retweet your message without losing any information from truncation.

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