Blogs are getting more competitive nowadays as the supply is often greater than the demand.  A good way is to establish your blog in a narrow niche, and avoid fighting with the big guys for big category hot topics like selling online or stock picking.  Here are my 7 tips on how you can build better blogs:

1) Focus your blog on a narrow theme.  If you talk about caring for cats, then stay with caring for cats.  Don’t bring in topics about dogs or caring for parakeets.  This way, you will build a strong following of cat lovers.

2) Here’s a good template for your blog posts.  Have an outstanding headline that gives the reader benefits or evoke their curiosity.  Put in relevant images that augment the messages in the post.  Establish a lead paragraph that gives relevance of the message to your readers.  They have to know why it is important for them to continue reading your post.  Add personal stories in the body of the post, and then end with a discussion question.

3) Provide internal links to your other posts in the body of your message.  This will help to generate extra traffic for your other good posts, which may otherwise be forgotten with time.

4) Here are some post ideas: 1) Review a book or movie on your blog niche, 2) comment on a quote, 3) comment on a paragraph, 4) comment on a recent news, and 5) step by step how to’s.

5) Short, short, short.  Internet readers have short attention spans due to the vast distractions available online.  So have short posts, short paragraphs with few sentences, and keep the sentences and words short.

6) Use to check your blog’s website score.  This website can also provide you with suggestions on how to improve on critical elements in your blog.

7) Engagement with your readers are critical.  This builds friendships with your loyal readers, and let them know that you care about their comments or questions.  A lot of comments that go unnoticed will seem cold on your part.  Imagine talking to a friend that does not reply to you.

That’s the 7 tips folks!

Be a Killer on Blogs
Be a Killer on Blogs

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