Newspapers need news to survive.  Feed them.
Newspapers need news to survive. Feed them.

PR nowadays are done for both online and offline media.  Traditionally we may have a press conference, and invite the editors for a meal while telling them what’s new about the company.  Then they will go back and think about how to fit your article into their magazines or papers.  They may discuss with you, and this goes back and forth until you get a mention in certain offline media.

Nowadays, with things travelling at internet speed, you need to be quick with your PR releases.  There’re lots of PR opportunities online and offline, and you need to shoot PR news to them frequently, quickly and timely.  Here are some stuffs you can write a PR article on:

  1. New packaging for your products
  2. New product launches
  3. New spokesperson for your brand
  4. New store
  5. New slogan for your brand
  6. Association of your brand with someone famous
  7. New uses for your products

There are always new angles to pitch your brand to the writers.  Keep them excited, and update them regularly.  Blogs and magazines need news to keep their readers from getting bored.  You are there to help them.

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