#1 Lesson from the #1 Brand, Apple
#1 Lesson from the #1 Brand, Apple

Apple has seen a massive revival in recent years.  Before Steve Jobs return to Apple, Apple products were very niche, and only a few of my friends used them then.  Now, most of my friends have at least an Apple product.  Apple is no longer for the few, but rather a successful mass product company.

I have experienced the Apple products for myself, and read a few books about the Apple company.  Biggest lesson?

‘Less is more’.  That’s it.  The biggest lesson of all.

Look at the first successful product under the i-series.  The i-Pod.  Simple design and simple to use.  Does the design look good?  Sure it does!  Even the box that contains Apple products are carefully designed to be easy to open.

Steve also insists that Apple focuses only on a few products at a time.  With more focus, they can create better products that delight consumers.  They make big bets, and refuse to spread the risk through launching many products.  Whatever few products they have, they invested all their effort and money to design, make and market them well.  Look at the success rate of their product launches.

Truly, less is more.


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