How to influence your team for change?
How to influence your team for change?

How do you motivate your team to change for the better?  You need to touch the mind and hearts of your team mates holistically to get their buy in for change.  Here are 3 tried and tested methods to get them to do so:

1) Use communication strategies from the movies.  A lot of good movies start off by introducing a protagonist or a hero, who is likable and is someone whom the audience can relate to.  The hero encounters difficulties and obstacles.  He eventually resolved the problem, and is a changed man at the end of it all.  With this plot, you can inspire your team by telling them that they are the ‘heroes’, there is a difficulty now, and the team needs to overcome it together for a transformation to be better.

2) The second way is to use a situational analysis method.  Tell them what is the current situation.  Offer them various scenarios of what they could become if they choose a different path.  Entice them with a better future if they will embrace the changes, and motivate them with the potential rewards at the end of it all.

3) The final one is to inspire the team using an analogy referring to parts of the body.  Use logic to satisfy the head.  Use emotions to satisfy the heart.  Use humor and passion to satisfy the gut.  Use the spirit to conquer it all and be a winner.

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