Throwing fireworks to celebrate sales target achieved will make one joyous, happy team!

Sure, money is important.  But raises only comes once a year on average, so do you only recognize your employees once a year?  Definitely not!

You want to recognize your subordinates as frequently as possible, in a timely and specific manner.  This gets your employees motivated to go the extra mile for you, instead of just during year end appraisals and announcements of bonuses and raises.

When you put forth effort to recognize your subordinates, you send them a message that whatever they just did or achieved is meeting or exceeding your expectations.  This is positive reinforcement for their actions, which they will do more of in future.  Let them know that when they meet certain goals, they are definitely entitled to rewards or celebrations.  This creates the excitement of anticipation.  Occasionally, even when goals were not met, but fantastic efforts were put in by the individual or team, feel free to celebrate as well.

You don’t have to reward with money all the time.  You can reward them with tangible stuffs such as tickets to the movies or theme parks, a basket of fruits or flowers, and even a free massage.  A reward that shouts their achievements is also good, such as a T-shirt with ‘Salesman of the year Award’ written on it.  These tangible rewards are often more memorable than money.

When you recognize their efforts specifically and in a timely manner, you show that you listen and care for them.  And that’s part of being a good boss!


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