Everyone is unique. Manage them differently.

Managing people is very important when we rise up the organization.  If you have capable subordinates, it makes for a much more productive, pleasant and progressive workplace.  Here are some tips for better people management.

1) Be socially aware of the people around you, be they your peers, subordinates or superiors.  Empathize with them, especially your subordinates, who may not dare to be totally honest with you about their feelings.  Understand the politics around you, even though you may not play them.  In big companies, you need to spend time navigating office politics as much as your core work.  Lastly, empathize with your consumers and customers too, as understanding them benefits your company.

2) You also need social skills.  You need to have a vision, and the ability to influence the rest through your communication.  Join a toastmasters or a writers’ club to improve your verbal and written skills.  For your team, you need to understand how to develop their skills, how to bond them together and handle conflicts.

3) I have always used an authoritative leadership style, which I feel is the most flexible and versatile leadership for most companies.  An authoritative leader will have a proper vision that is clear and purposeful.  He will then rally the team to commit to the vision, with a standards of excellence.  However, he empowers his teammates with flexibility on how to achieve the goals and vision.

4) The most motivating factors are achievements, recognition and the daily job itself.  The most demotivating factors are often times bureaucracy/red tapes/sacred cows, relationship with them boss and the management by the boss.  Give a good job scope, a competent boss and a supportive working environment, and you will have happy employees.

5) Everyone is different.  You need to understand this fact, and stop labeling your subordinates as good or bad based on your ‘one and only’ standards.  If you happen to frequently have ‘bad’ subordinates, you may be the problem.  So manage each one differently.

6) How many times have you heard the phrase ‘my boss is unfair’?  Lots from my peers.  You may think you are fair, but the people you manage may not.  How to have a basic framework of fairness?  Engage your team for ideas and inputs always.  When you make final decisions, give reasons why.  And expect everyone to adhere to a set of common and consistent standards.

7) Review your common operations and assumptions at times.  Sometimes we are in a rut without recognizing it.  Periodically review and critique your daily operations and habits to ensure that you don’t generate lasting negativity among your team mates.  E.g. some meetings may be totally useless and resented by your team, and you need to recognize that.

8) Manage your boss.  Even CEOs’ need to answer to the shareholders and directors.  Understand his goals, pressures, strengths/weaknesses, and working style.  You should always keep your boss updated and in the know, and make full use of the time when you are with him.  Avoid wasting his time unnecessarily.


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