Always soar for greater heights like an eagle

Are you satisfied with where you are now?  Is there a limit to your abilities and capabilities?  Are you already at the ‘Golden Age’ of your life?

If you stretch yourself further, you will find that your capabilities are only limited by what your mind perceives.  Unchain your abilities from your perceived limitations.

Do not think that you are already an expert or one of the smartest guy around.  Be humble, and always seek to be better today than yesterday.  No matter how good you already are, you can always be better.  Do not settle for good, go for great.

When others praise you for something you have done, ask for the criticisms as well.  Ask them how you can further improve on your achievements.  Never settle for what you have achieved currently, but stretch yourself for the next level continuously.

A lot of people may pull us down to the ‘average’ level, so that we can be just like one of them.  Be conscious of this.  In whatever you do, exceed people’s expectations by going the extra mile.  The standards of excellence lie in yourself, and not with others.  Set your own excellent standards, and never violate it at all times.

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