You need worthy supporters if you want change.

1) Choose your battles wisely.  It is not easy to induce change in the organisation or in others.  It requires tremendous efforts to do so.  So before you try to change anything, think carefully about what is really worth changing.

2) Employees may not be able to see the reason for change if they don’t experience it first hand.  Let them experience the problem themselves.  If it is poor customer service from lack of training, let them call customer service and experience it themselves.

3) When people fight back or resist your call for change, recognize that they are fighting against your professional role.  So do not take it personally, but be patient with them.

4) Use action rather than words.  Show them the way and the better results through your actions.  Prove to them that it works.

5) Use play of words and arguments.  Predict their counter arguments, and prepare beforehand to counter their arguments well.  This is not to win verbally, but to win the hearts towards your vision for change.

6) Look for opportunities to strengthen your points for change.  If you have a program for cost reduction, then look for examples around you regularly that you can showcase as examples.

7) Gather your supporters.  Be like a politician.  Wherever you go in the company, petition your cause and gather those who support your cause.  Soon, they will spread the word to others, and get more like minded people to join in your cause.


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