We all want more traffic to our site, but with so many websites on most categories out there, how do you win over similar sites with better traffic?  Here are some tips:

1) Go to these similar sites, preferably high traffic ones, and comment on posts there.  Don’t just comment anyhow, but give high quality, educational opinion or content.  This will attract readers of that other site to your site to find out more.

2) I have tried using offline advertising to bring more traffic to my online website.  I have tried online advertising too.  Guess which ones give better ROI?  Online ads of course!  There’s a huge, tremendous barrier and effort required to go from offline advertising compared to online advertising.  When you are reading newspapers, will you continue reading other articles or go to your computer to type in the url seen?  Most people will just continue reading, and will have all forgotten all about your website by the time they are done reading the papers.

3) On the internet, speed is everything.  Yesterday’s news is stale.  So do a twitter search to find real time comments about a particular matter, and either comment further on it, or leverage the comments on your own website, blog or social media.

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