So, what's your social media language?

The biggest social media used today are Linked-in, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube channels.  Don’t forget blogs too.  Linked-in is great for professional and business to business connections, while Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google.  Facebook is explosive in membership growth, while Twitter allows you to share up to date short messages to your followers.  Blogs are diaries for regular entries on a certain subject, or many subjects.  Here are some tips on how to make full use of them:

1) There’s Google Reader, Twitter Search, Google Alerts and Google Blog Search that allow you to keep yourself updated on topics relevant to you.

2) Use facebook page not as just a ‘page’, but as a community portal to customers, potential customers and vendors.

3) How to get top ranked in Linked-in search: Make full use of the headline, work experience key words and summary key words too.

4) When you tweet, put your name after your tweet.  If it gets forwarded, your name, the source, gets forwarded to.

5) The biggest leverage for business in Youtube channels is to feature consumer testimonials.

6) If you get mental block in writing for your blogs, get yourself excited about a topic.  Then immediately write all your ideas down quickly.  I mean really quick, like as if you have a ferocious dog chasing you.  Don’t edit until you got it all down.

7) Model after good blogs.  A good one is Seth Godin’s.

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