Follow me, my brave ones!

I was a real type A personality before, and early in my career, with all its mega stresses and tremendous focus on achievements over everything else took a toll on my leadership capabilities.  I drove my team nuts sometimes with my strong driven attitude.

Everyone in a team can be as different as night and day.  And to be a leader, you need to be liked.  Yes, liked.  You think liking comes with authority?  Think again.  Your subordinates will show that they ‘like’ you in front of you, and they can be busy stabbing your back once you showed it to them.  This is because you are not liked by them.

You need to be liked to be respected as a leader.  How to be liked?  Have the energetic attitude to help your team members.  Help them whenever they need help, and when the succeed, celebrate!

Do this everyday, not just once a while.  Consistency is key.  Don’t show up moody and lifeless, but be happy.  Treat everybody in your team equally well.  Come early and stay back late to show your solidarity with the team.

And hire the right guys!  Most important criteria should be a driven attitude, proven past successes, integrity, smart, independent and happy.  Someone who can become a leader in future.

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