Don't just look. Plow alongside your fellow subordinates!

The lone ranger Indiana Jones kind of leadership is really cool and good on the ego, but it is getting dated.  In the new millenium, you need inclusive leadership from all your team mates.  Treat them all as leaders in their own area, and you will get better ideas, solutions, and greater ownership of their work results.

Leadership is not just needed at the top for strategizing and planning, it is needed at all levels.  Empowered leaders at all levels will be able to exercise greater speed in decision making, and grow in their leadership skills.  Even for executions that seem to be no brainers, leadership can bring cost reductions, faster executions and better quality results.

Good leaders are those who work alongside their sub-ordinates, and not there to show off their egos and ability to empty talk and boast.  They are the generals who charge into the fields together with their soldiers, and not a king that stays in the palace waiting for the battle results.

Be humble, and learn from the seniors.  If they have been there longer, they know and experienced more than you.  So learn from them.  Every senior can teach you something new.

Be approachable.  Listen to your team mates, and seek to understand them, not judge them.  Respect them as humans and individuals with ideas and motivations of their own.

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