Don't be autocratic, be diplomatic in your leadership

As marketers, we not only have to lead the marketing team, we often also have to lead a complex matrix cross-functional team of sales personnel, financial analysts, consumer knowledge specialists, advertising agencies and media buyers.

We need to persuade and ‘sell’ to them our ideas, so that they will buy in to them.  One good method is to use analogies.  The common analogies used are military terms like ‘gaining a beach head’ and ‘flanking competitors’, often using military strategies as a parallel.  However, we also can use movies, inspirational historical leaders and simple every day stories as analogies.

Persuasion is also a process of give and take.  Team mates may not buy in 100% of our ideas, but we can incorporate their suggestions into the whole scheme of things.  They will feel that their ideas are respected.

Learn to like your team mates.  Your team mates will learn to like you too.

Everybody has something that you can praise about.  Don’t keep looking for something to criticize on, faults to blame, or gossip behind people’s back.  Praise them on something, no matter how small it is.  It will pay off in loyalty over the long term.

2 thoughts on “How to be a Persuasive Leader

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