Yes, your majesty, what problems will you like to see solved today?

The consumer is boss.  He pays our salaries, and he grows the economy.  He helps to put food on our table, and the reason we have a roof over our head is because he buys our products.  Hail the consumer!

How do we repay the consumer?  Help better his life and help him solve his problems.  The best products help solve consumers’ problems in big ways.  The iPod put 1000 songs into his pocket.  Fedex help him send medicine to his critically ill dad overnight.  When he dropped pop corn all over his furry carpet, Swiffer help him clean it up quickly and easily.

Your company and products do not come first.  Consumers and their problems do.  Your opinions or your colleagues’ opinions come second, because the consumer is boss, and his problems are our priority.

When you have a super product that solves his problem, don’t end your career by telling him in a wimpy way.  Wow him with how your product can be his next best friend.  Tell it in a way that really cuts deep into his heart, to let him know that the problem he has been trying to cope with, now has a solution.  Bring tears to his eyes as you tell him more about your product, that it’s finally here.  Not 1 Gb of storage space, but 1000 songs in your pocket.  Tears of joy will flow down every music fans’ eyes.

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