"I am truly, sincerely, honestly sorry for not having a size XXXXXXL dress!"

Humans are not perfect.  Since businesses are run by humans, then it’s natural that they are not perfect too.

Whenever we or our colleagues or our subordinates make a mistake, customers may come running to us with a huge complaint.  The nicer ones may let us off the hook easily, the raging ones will tear us down with their words and possible follow up actions.  We may have thousands or millions of consumers, but a few of these raging ones will easily bring the business down with today’s instant internet connections.

The word ‘sorry’ may seem antiquated and dated, but it has never failed in its magic to calm down raging and angry customers.  They may be in the wrong, or the fault may lie with some intermediaries, the brand owners will have to protect the brand reputation regardless.  Saying ‘sorry’ is often the fastest and best remedy in such situations, so just say it!

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