Ooh, I got that new coolest handphone that my friends like!

Tweens are younger teens.  They range from age 9 to 14.  This period is crucial, as you really get your intelligence or IQ score fixed at about age 9 to 10.  Then you are hit with puberty, and all that bodily changes and hormones can really wreck tweens with an identity crisis and the hots for the opposite gender.

Tweens think that the best brands are those that their close friends are in favor of.  Enough people like the brand, but not too many.  If too many likes it, it becomes ‘normal’, and no longer special.  The brand must not be silly or boring.  Popularity is what they crave to be, or what they crave in others.

Tweens generally like sports, movies, computers/internet, shopping, music and partying.  Some communication vehicles that marketers use to target them are love, stability, humor, fear, fantasy and mystery.  Stability in this case refers to feeling safe and secure in this fast changing world, and sometimes getting more dangerous.  The others are self explanatory.

Most of their money is spent on going out, music, computer games, clothes, games and grooming products.  They watch TV, read magazines and newspapers, but often research products with friends and parents, as well as in the store or through the web.

With such strong peer pressures, target your brands at ‘cool’ opinion leaders.  Be seen as understanding or helping them, such as providing seed money for small businesses.  Be at their favorite sports events like skateboarding, basketball and soccer matches.  Sponsor the hip musical concert.  Let your brand rub off some of that glamour from their favorite opinion leader.

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