Call the Ghost Busters during a crisis? Nah, you will have to handle that mostly with a PR agency and yourself.

When all hell breaks loose, what do you do?  Call in the ghost busters!  Nah, call in the PR company!

There was a child care centre in Singapore who suffered from a bad case of food poisoning among its children.  It was not really its fault, but rather the fault of the caterer who supplies the daily lunch to the centre.  Nevertheless, parents were demanding for an explanation to this, with the possibility of lawsuits and pull out by students.

This is the time to be a really good leader and take charge of the situation.  Be forthright about what happened, and be accurate as possible without hiding anything.  You can disagree politely with the parents, and offer them alternative solutions.

At this time, parents will be harsh, so don’t be defensive, but rather take responsibility and apologize on behalf of the school.  Deal calmly with the parents, and do not lose your patience.  Show the right body language, such as with open arms and stand up straight.

The period during the crisis will be tough, but remember, this too shall pass eventually.

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