Here are a list of useful things to apply to my life after reading the book by Guy Kawasaki. It is titled ‘Enchantment’. Just in case you think it is another marketing book about enchanting people with your products, it is, partially. A large part of it is how you enchant other people, such as your boss (and your wife!). It quotes a lot of other books, including Dale Carnegie’s classic ‘How to Influence People and Make Friends’, but it is fresh enough by giving you new angles to looking at classic advice and how to apply them.

Here’s my list of good things to apply to my life, personally and professionally:

  1. Smile by thinking of pleasant things. It makes smile less fake and artificial (when you need to smile at times when you are not exactly happy).
  2. Default to ‘yes’ to people’s requests to build rapport. Use this carefully though, if you have Jim Carrey’s show titled ‘Yes Man’.
  3. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Most people are good-natured at their core. And I mean ‘most’.
  4. Enlarge category rather than get market shares. Look at Cirque du Soleil that combined circus and theatre. No more fighting please. We want a peaceful world, and yet feed our family at the same time.
  5. Do a pre-mortem: find problems before they occur. When you have no more problems to solve, start thinking of potential new ones.
  6. Seed products even with non-celebrities. The little guys are the brand champions nowadays.
  7. Your label determines you. So affirm your self worth today. Your self worth is like the maximum temperature on your thermostat, it does not change with the weather.
  8. Instead of saying ‘you are welcome’, say ‘you would do the same for me’. This gets people thinking about reciprocating, not just to you, but to others.
  9. Don’t create viral videos, as most of them fail to be viral. It takes quite a bit of luck to be viral. Instead, focus your efforts on creating videos that are inspiring, entertaining, enlightening, educational. One of them may be lucky enough to go viral.
  10. Don’t ask employees to do what you would not do.
  11. Drop everything and what your boss/wife asks. Drop everything else and do it quick. Yes, everything else.
  12. Underpromise, overdeliver. Refrain from bragging.
  13. Make your boss win. If he wins, you win.
  14. Tell boss the bad news as it is, as honestly as possible. If you are the leader, you should shoulder the blame. Along with the problem, offer solution options. Don’t expect your boss to do all the thinking for you.
  15. Good decisions checklist: Make decisions that one year from now you will still approve of it. Read all independent reviews on the available solutions. Know the total cost of each solution. Do not harm people or environment. Totally legal. The solution sets good example for children. You will still approve of the solution even if no one or everyone sees you do it.
  16. Dress as well as the person you want to enchant.

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