There’s a lot of talk on un-marketing nowadays. New age marketers are advocating that companies try to not disrupt consumers with their interruptive marketing methods as done traditionally, but to build advocates one at a time. They are advocating that we go for trust building, word of mouth and a true solution partner. Trust is more important than pushing products and services.

Even when you setup an online website, take the road less travelled. Create one that has great content, and one that helps people with their problems. Seek first to help, and the profits will find you. Rope in experts and other fellow sufferers to share their solutions and testimonies. It will be a place where people help each other out, with you as the facilitator. Choose altruism rather than push products and services, and people will remember your sincerity and kindness.

Model some great online websites and blogs such as, and All these sites are not fixated on selling or pushing their products, but they use their great content to pull potential customers in first. Be relevant to the target audience, and they will keep coming back to your online offerings.

What are the critical elements of your website or online presence? Bold take home messages. A good forum for the readers to discuss issues on. No sales angles. Be really relevant and educational. Be easy to read and visually appealing (check our for free pics). Use short sentences, good links externally and internally, relevant quotations, pictures, videos and discussion questions to generate lasting interests among your readers.

Use ‘How to’ articles liberally with lists and solutions to your readers’ problems.

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