1) Facebook content is ranked based on number of comments and likes. Your comments may not appear to all your fans’ wall unless they garner enough comments and likes.

2) Personalized, friendly and less demanding comments generate more likes. If your comments are all hard selling, you may turn some consumers off. Discuss topics that are relevant to your brand, and also interesting to your consumers.

3) People like fan pages because of discounts/promos, support for brands, freebies, to stay updated on your brand and future product launches.

4) Your potential customers are able to sms to register as fans. Sms ‘like (fan page name)’ to a special phone number that you can subscribe to.

5) Encourage your fans to spread the word and get their friends to join as fans. If they reach certain fan numbers, promise to give out attractive freebies to all.

6) Don’t delete bad comments, but rather resolve with private email. Say sorry immediately if that consumers is unhappy with your products or services.

7) Say thank you for all positive comments, and ask these fans to spread the word to friends and family.

8) Film videos of product related news to share on facebook.

9) Ask poll on new marketing activities or products. This is free and easy consumer interview.

10) Ask questions instead of giving statements. For example ‘what would you like to see more in fanpage’, ‘who are you inspired by most’, ‘most interesting place use product’, ‘when did first use product’, and ‘why like fan page’.

11) At least 15% off products if you intend to give discounts. Anything less and you are considered a stingy poker.

12) Share more on your loyal customers with your fans such as key customers, funny things with customers and employees, and charitable organizations that your brand reaches out to.

13) Advertise with ‘friends of connection’, so that those who see the ad can see their friends as fans of your fan page.

14) Thank fans for every 1000 fan milestone. This creates the ‘follow the crowd’ syndrome, where fans will feel good to be connected to a growing community, and will want to spread the word.

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