Consumers don’t buy brands, they buy stories. So create a good story behind your brand, such as country of origin, some special ingredients, celebrity association and special designs.

When you craft your ads nowadays, do think about engagement especially for online ads. Do you want consumers to just glance at your article for 3s after you have spent tens of thousands of dollars on it? Create content that engages, instead of simply persuading.

For each ad, have a point of view to your story. Catch the attention, cos’ good stories will not get read if you don’t catch the initial attention with good visuals and headlines. Of course, still incorporate selling messages and solve problems.

If you are having writer’s block, look at past verbatims you have obtained from your loyal consumers. Remind yourself why they love your brands. Use the keywords from their verbatims to write your ads.

I know this is controversial, but women make the world goes round. Sell to them all them time. Even for men’s products like cars and skincare, sell to the women as well. Look at P&G’s Old Spice ads in 2010 that sells men’s products directly to women. Women influences most purchases.

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