Creative image advertising is the trend nowadays, and more importantly, response advertising needs to take over. Let your ad have a call for action mechanism such as an offer or sample. With this, you can measure the number of responses and how well your ad performs. This is the sales part. You can also collect consumer information for future direct marketing.

You should target your competitors’ customers. Ask them to send in a competitor pack for a trial pack.

Ask for referrals. If a person refers 3 other friends to the brand, give her 20% discount.

Giving free samples in direct mail works very well. Try it. Also try coupons and see it it increases purchases for your brand.

Say you give samples online. Ask the consumer where she saw the ad for the sample redemption. This way you know which media channel gives you the best bang for the buck.

Testing your ad for sales impact in the market is much more effective than focus group interviews.

If your product is unique, high involvement, intangible and expensive, use more logic to persuade. If your product is low cost, tangible, low involvement and almost commoditized, use more of emotions to persuade.

Use price offs as last resorts. Frequent price offs erode your brand equity. The danger of coupons is that they are used more by your regular users, up to 60% of them. Only about 10% comes from true non or competitive users. The remaining 30% are apparently cheats.

Don’t be afraid to write long copy ads. Resist your colleagues and friends who tell you that nobody reads long copy anymore. Interested consumers will want to know more about your product. Direct marketing tests by the likes of Ogilvy, Claudes and Caples have proven that long copy sells more. Do you trust actual results, or opinions?

When you do sampling, pls include product information in booklets and letters.

If you give gift premiums, ensure that the gift aligns with your brand’s image or benefit. Focus the marketing mainly on yr brand, not yr premiums! A good premium will also attract the right consumers for your brand, not one off consumers who are only interested in the premium.

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