Smiles communicate friendly intentions, and a desire to bond. It also makes you sound less intimidating, and make you look much more approachable. So have the model in your ads give a big smile.

Humor also enchants women. Humor is ranked highly among those attraction factors for men. Humor apparently is correlated to intellect and health, and is akin to the peacock’s tail that is highly colorful to attract its mate. So have humor in your ads if you want to impart a certain amount of intellect to your products.

What fascinates? According to the book ‘Fascinate’ by Sally Hogshead, there are seven sources that invoke fascination. They are lust (anticipate pleasure), mystique (mystery), alarm (threats), prestige (status), power (over others), vice (rebellion), and trust (certainty). Each of them can fascinate and energize your brands.

Be detail oriented, and check all elements of your brands for the seven fascination elements above. Pret-a-Manger stirs oatmeal with a wooden oar, not with machines. It is suppose to give better flavors and tastes. Does it really? Nobody knows, but it sure does impart some form of mystique.

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