This is especially important for the beauty industry. Everything needs to communicate. This includes the packaging, the way you dispense the content of the product, the secondary packaging, and the in store displays.

So is the tobacco industry. You think that the cigarette tastes real nice? How about the positive emotions of open spaces, freedom, and adventure offered by the Marlboro advertisements?

Benetton has got this a little wrong. It provoked people with shocking images of abortions and racial discriminations. Sure, it got lots of attention, but short term only. The images and messages need to be aligned to their target consumers’ values, and provides a solution to solve their concerns. Benetton has since received backlash from certain consumers, affecting its sales.

Tommy Hilfiger hit a note with teenagers when they programmed a series of shows with young kids and their love and friendships, of course wearing Tommy Hilfiger clothings. They also held singing contests that can lead to cutting albums. Response was overwhelming.

Branding is about cultural relevance and emotional connection, not hype.

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