In marketing, you can focus on consumers. Give the best products or services, and they will beat a path to your door.

Another way is to defeat your competitors. In a board game, to win, another way is not going for the best, but to understand your competitors and beat them at the game. Then consumers will go to the winner, you.

Sometimes consumers like you for reasons other than that you are better. Pepsi tastes better than Coke from blind tests, but Coke remains by far the much stronger leader. Put on the best image for your consumers.

Care not for the small stuffs, but the major battles. Focus your energy on what matter the most, such as having the right positioning, the right advertising and enough understanding of your target audience.

When you craft your message, do otherwise than what most companies are doing. And that is to focus on what your services or products mean to them, not what it means to you. Care for the masses. Speak to the heart of each one of them with your advertising and offering. Get down from your ivory tower and speak to them at their level.

As what Bill Bernbach said, “You have got to talk about your product in a way that people will feel it in their gut. If they don’t feel, nothing will happen.”

How do you get the right message or way to talk to your consumers? Follow this process. Research first on consumers’ needs or problems. Think of how you can offer your solutions, and look for different meanings or linkages of problem to solution. E.g. most Porsche drivers like the view from the driver’s seat, and most non-Porsche drivers hate Porsche drivers who flaunt the sexy car. So your advertisement should feature the exciting emotional rush sitting in the driver’s seat of a Porsche.

Take some time off to let ideas ruminate and cook. You will often get to refine ideas that way. Then put them in a proper flow, and delete those unnecessary information. Test your ideas on others, and get their opinions.

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