Robert Cialdini is the father of the science of influence.  One of his more popular philosophy is the one on social proof.  Most people think that what other people think as correct, is correct for us as well.  What others are doing more of, is therefore normal and correct, and therefore should be emulated so that we make less risky decisions.

Leverage the social proof principles in marketing.  Tell them that your product is used by doctors, star athletes and authoritative figures in general.  Tell them that consumers voted for your brand highly in a satisfaction survey.  If your brand has won awards, tell as many people as possible.

If your sales is the fastest growing, tell others about it.  Tell the public that you are the hottest brand right now, and they should not miss out on it.

Ultimately, be focused.  As the father of positioning, Jack Trout said, be focused on one attribute story, and be focused on one target segment.  If you try to be everything to everybody, you will end up with nobody.  Even if your business has expanded to be good in several attributes and services as well, stay true to your strongest attributes story, and forget about trying to craft new, multiple attributes stories.

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