You need to create advertising that makes people talk and want to share or discuss with others.  You want a campaign that generates 10 year recalls, not last month’s recalls.  Look at most advertising on the market, and you will find that you hardly can recall the brand, product or sponsor for your favorite programs.  A very good example is to take a look at the many auto ads, and you will find many repeated elements such as close ups of the body work, and how well they turn around corners or speed up.  The key question is, can you differentiate between ads of different brands?  Hardly.

Product placements in programs or movies themselves do help to increase recall.  However, random product placements do not work as well as products or brands integrated into the program’s or movie’s story.  Reese candy that lured ET to the house works better than a furniture brand that just happens to be in the protagonist’s house.

Rituals in advertising also helps in increasing brand uniqueness and recall.  Guinness beer takes time to prepare, as the foam takes time to settle.  If you are a typical man, you don’t want to wait too long for your beer.  Instead of trying to change their beer formula, Guinness turns its disadvantage into a ritual.  They turn the whole beer preparation into a show for the consumers.  How the tap pours the beer, and then the settling of the foam.  It’s the beer worth waiting for.

One thought on “Advertising that Works

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