When you are planning your marketing plan for the year, or a 3 year innovation pipeline, think of how to innovate in the marketing perspective.  Having a new product to launch is somewhat easier, but what if you have nothing to launch for the year.  Fear not, because you have the weapon of marketing innovation.

First, check the message in the existing campaign, and see if you can squeeze out a fresh spin on it.  Try to vary the use of media, and tweak the marketing mix.  One good idea is to check on what was done in the past.  Check out which activities brought much success, and which were a total waste of time.

Go to consumers to get ideas as well.  Get concepts that can bring out the equity of your brand better.  In just a few sessions of focus group or one to one interviews, you can definitely get a bunch of new concepts that you can test with consumers.  Refine them, and ask consumers what they think of the concepts.

The final avenue to get ideas is to look at your competitors.  You competitors could have valuable consumer insights that you have missed.  Check out their marketing mix and campaign messages.  See if you can come up with a similar campaign, but very much improved or with a different twist.

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