How do you leverage celebrities that help in building your brand?  This is a sensitive topic, as it can be a quick way to top of mind, or it can be a quick way to your brand’s downfall.  Look at Tiger Woods, a clean, disciplined sportsman who got his reputation tarnished recently when his harem of girlfriends was discovered.

Get the right celebrity and your brand can catapult to the top of the charts.  The most important thing is to ensure that the celebrity is aligned with your brand equity.  Sexy lady for a family brand of cereals?  Richard Gere to promote acne creams?

You need to manage your celebrity like a talent manager would.  Treat them with utmost respect.  One good example will be when you approach them for a discussion, do you send your junior staff to talk to them?  I am sure the celebrities will rather to talk to someone more senior.

Next, you need to leverage them more.  Instead of them appearing just on your product packaging or on a TV ad, leverage for extra PR with them being interviewed by journalists.  Before I forget, send them lots of your products as well.  Look at it this way, if the celebrity does not fall in love with your products, you can be sure the relationship will be short lived.

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