Always be consistent in your campaigns.  I have handled so many different launch or re-branding campaigns in my life, and that could be a bad thing.  Look at it this way.  Take for example Volvo.  Volvo means safety.  Don’t try to distort the message, because this is a really good positioning.  How many other car brands compete with Volvo for the same brand positioning?  Not many, or shall I say none?

All the time marketers are trying to bring news on their brand.  Yes, consumers need new news to excite them, and forever keep your brand in top of their mind.  However, too many messages can clutter their minds, and the true message you want to bring across to them.

There’s a way to do it.  Say you are the brand manager of Volvo.  Your brand equity is safety for the driver and the passengers.  Safety is such a big category, and can encompass things such as safety in crashes, safety from skids, safety for kids, safety of braking, and safety from overturning.

You don’t need many new product launches or new messages to achieve the above.  Simple and elegant branding message.  Just the way I like it.  A very focused positioning that is consistently reinforced.

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