So why do people buy?  A simple question, but yet with not so straightforward answers.  To meet their needs?  Then features and benefits will do well.  If that is so, it is hard to find an edge in branding nowadays, with technological advancement lowering barriers for copycats.

Do consumers buy based on price?  Yes, to a certain extent.  This is especially dangerous for low involvement products like soap or dish washing liquids.

My take on this?  People buy based on symbolic cues.  Read Jay Conrad Levinson’s book on marketing memes.  Yes, I know that its something that is hard to pin down.  The EASIEST method: inspire trust from consumers in your brand of products.  Let them know that it works well, tastes good, is value for money and is safe ALL THE TIME.  Miss it once, and your trust is gone.  Gone with the wind.

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